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Pencil Pull® and Tug-N-Back Writer® are patented, retractable holders

for writing instruments used by millions of people.

Never lose or drop your pencil again! 


Products' Benefits:

  • You will never be frustrated by losing or dropping your pencil, pen, Sharpie, marker, dry-erase marker.

  • You will save time and money by always having the marker ready to use.

  • You will save money by purchasing fewer writing instruments.

  • These are 'Green' products: Save the landfills- pens/markers can now be used until the ink runs dry, and pencils used until they can’t be sharpened anymore!

  • All of our products are designed with YOU in mind- Pros, DIYers, Contractors, Workers, Cashiers, Homeowners, Golfers, Billiard Players, Hospitals, Restaurants, Warehouses, Offices, etc


Pencil Pull®:

  • Made for mark-making:

  1. pull the pencil

  2. make your mark

  3. guide the pencil back home

  • Clip it on your tool belt, or clothing

*See detailed notes below*


Tug-N-Back Writer®:

  • Made for writing:

  1. pull the pen to desired length, and the string tension disappears

  2. write freely

  3. tug the pen, the string retracts, and guides the pen back home

  • Attach it to just about anything: belt, shirt collar, pocket, clipboard, notebook, wall, whiteboard, check presenters, machinery, car dashboards, car visor, golf cart

*See detailed notes below*


With these two options, your writing instrument will always be in the “write” place!