PencilPull® = Retractable Holder of Writing Instruments
Since 2003

For Contractors, Workers, Homeowners, Hospitals, Restaurants, Golfers, Billiards,

Welcome to LB Kish Company,  Pencil Pull® and Tug-N-Back Writer® are Patented, retractable holders for writing instruments. Use it and you will never lose or drop your pen or pencil, or marker.  These patented  products are used by millions of people. Benefits:

You will never be frustrated by losing or dropping your pencil, pen, Sharpie, marker, dry-erase marker.

You will save time and money by having the marker ready to use.

You will save money by purchasing fewer pens, pencils, carpenter pencils, Sharpies, dry erase markers etc.

It’s a Green product. Imagine the millions of pens and pencils that will not be in a landfill because they will be used until the inks are gone or the pencil can’t be sharpened!

The Pencil Pull®  is great for making marks; pull the pencil, make your mark, and guide the pencil back home. Clip it on your tool belt, or clothing.

With Tug-N-Back Writer®, you pull the writing instrument and the string tension disappears – you can write freely. Give the pen a tug – and the string retracts. Attach it to just about anything, from your belt or shirt, to a CLIPBOARD, notebook, wall, whiteboard, CHECK PRESENTER, machinery, car dashboard or visor, golf cart – your writing instrument will always be in the “write” place.

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What is PencilPull
Tug-N-Back Writer?

A tutorial for everyone that didn't invent it

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Pencil Pull® / Tug-N-Back Writer®
Attach the clip to something – your belt, shirt, machinery, wall etc.
Insert a writing instrument into the flexible holder – push it in as far as it will go. If you are using the Click-Stick adapter, you can hang your click pen through the side hole, or you can put an eraser pencil so that the eraser shows.
With a PencilPull®  (not Tug-N-Back) pull on the writing instrument and make a mark and then let your hand guide it back.


On the Tug-N-Back Writer®, if the switch is set to the “no-tension” position, the string tension will go away when you stop pulling out the device. When you are done writing, simply give the writing instrument a "tug" and the patented tech will let your hand guide it back.
Always be careful about keeping the Pencil Pull® in a place away from eyes and machinery.
Now that you will never again be frustrated by not having your carpenter pencil handy, go build that house!

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