This patented  version of Tug-N-Back Writer is our TNB5-48SWB. This connects to the Whiteboard using double sided tape.  It has a 48" string ( vs the 24" T200B.) Pull out the string and the tension vanishes!!  Write without the pull of the string. When you finish writing, give the pencil a "TUG" and viola! the tension on the string reappears and the item is retracted. The flexible holders are for all sizes of pens and markers.  Connect these to a whiteboard, chalkboard, bulletin board, tool chest, tool or wherever you need a marker!!


NEW in 2018= TNBPRO A128 / A129 : made-in-USA, 2 year warrant, custom logo with quantity of 100 pieces.


TNB5 Tug-N-Back Writer® forWhite Board

  • If TNB5 breaks through regular use within a year, give me a call.

    If the TNBPRO breaks within 2 years give me a call.

  • We default to USPS, but if you prefer more expensive method, please call.