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Check out this NEW & IMPROVED Tug-N-Back!!


The Tug-N-Back products are different from PencilPulls in that you can write freely without the string's tension. However, it still offers the convenience of keeping your writing instrument accessible. This updated version features 48" industrial strength retractable string, a sleek & smooth new white plastic case, your choice of a metal slide clip or a heavy duty adhesive sticker, and 3 interchangeable adapters. 


Using the metal slide clip, you can connect this TNB6 to a stable and secure location- your belt, a logbook, clipboard, note book, arm band, etc.


Using the heavy-duty adhesive sticker, you can attach this TNB6 to a white board, wall, counter, table, desk, toolbox, etc.


The unique silicone blend adapters come in various sizes to accommodate most writing instruments. Included in the TNB6 set are:


1-The Universal Adapter holds carpenter pencils, standard size pens, pencils, and thinner markers.

2- The Large Adapter holds larger markers.

3- The ClickStick Adapter holds click pens, stick pens, and pencils with eraser tops.


These adapters have a built-in female end that attaches to the string's male end, making it easy to switch adapters and writing instruments for various projects.


1) INSERT your favorite writing instrument into the Adapter.

2) PULL on the pencil to the desired string length,

3) WRITE without string tension,

4) TUG the pencil and let it RETRACT (guide it home).


Then, it will be ready for your next mark. Simple and secure. 


*All TNB6 cases are white*


Custom Logos are available!

1) Email your logo as a vector file.

2) Minimum order of 144 @ $0.50 each, and a 1-time set up fee of $40

3) Allow about 3 weeks turnaround time


Tug-N-Back Writer® Updated Original

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